Upcoming Auditions

Please note, all candidates auditioning must be 18 years of age or older to be hired. Registrations with resume and photo will take place at the audition location. No pre-registration is required.

  • Nov 12
    New York, NY November 12th, 2018 to November 14th, 2018
    Pearl Studios
    500 8th Avenue, 12th Floor
    New York , NY 10018 US
    Mamma Mia! Audition Requirements Dancers, Singer/Dancer, Singers

    November 12th - 9:00am Open Principal Singers

                              - 11:00am Agent Principal Singers Appointments Only.

                               (*Contact your agent)

                               *Agents/Manager: Please submit electronically through

                               Breakdown Sevices

    November 12th - 9:00am Dancers Open and Agent

    November 13th - 9:00am Singer Callbacks

    November 14th - 9:00am All Callbacks